This is a 6-day hands-on training on live models for workshops and for facial anatomy and genitalia anatomy. You will learn the essential in fillers, advanced techniques of facial rejuvenation, the new concept in wellness medicine,anti-aging, aesthetic and wellness in the genital field.

Next session from 16 to 21 May 2022, more information will follow.



1. You will learn the essential in fillers which materials, which anesthesia and usual indications.


2. The advanced techniques of facial rejuvenation using regenerative medicine (PRP, growth factors, peptides, nanofat and fat grafting for cervico facial and bodysculture, physical, chemical and biological inductors. This course is the most comprehensive and will give you all the advanced protocol to provide the skin and aging solution in your practice. 

3. Anti-aging medicine, the new concept in wellness medicine, the use of peptides and enzymes for facial rejuvenation.


4. You will learn also aesthetic and wellness in the genital field (advances techniques of the use of botulinium toxin, the use of regenerative medicine for penis and genital area, the medical penoplasty).

Pr Meningaud Jean Paul

Director of UPECAM Diploma


Who we train ?

All doctors: resume and cover letter will be requested.

The UPECAM diploma is intended for doctors who already doing aesthetic medicine or beginning to do aesthetic medicine, and would like to develop your professional competencies, enhance your practice skills and to acquire the proper knowledge and a certification allowing you to achieve added success and the confidence to treating your patients with almost precision and safety.

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